Awards and Trophies: Why Your Sports Team Should Celebrate Participation

Does your athletic team issue awards and trophies?

In the wake of the Super Bowl LIII, you may have competition on the brain. Maybe you coach, watch, or participate in a sport of your own. Being involved in a team, professionally or recreationally, can fuel our motivation, bring us closer to likeminded people, and keep us in good shape—physically, emotionally, and socially.

There’s something to be said for these benefits. However, from football to baseball, and from tennis to track & field, sports certainly do bring out our competitive edge. You want each player to be motivated, yes, but not at the expense of their confidence and drive.

Here at Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing, we recognize that—and for this reason, our selection of awards and trophies is expansive.

We want to let you in on why you should consider expanding your own athletic awards program and start issuing participation trophies for each player.

Advantage Sports Awards

A Deep Dive Into Awards, Medals & Trophies

Engraved trophies with a solid base, custom toppers like soccer balls or miniature athletes, and countless color options can be found in our sports award and trophy catalog. Similarly, our customers can purchase personalized medals, ribbons, keychains, and dog tags to award team members for their performance.

You may distribute these rewards at your end-of-season party, but the camaraderie and all-around good vibes don’t end there. Keepsakes like medals and trophies—and the memories they inspire—can last for years or even decades to come. Here are just some of the reasons to issue awards, medals, and trophies to your team members:

  • They encourage athletes to put forth their best effort.

While doing our best is more important than being the best, athletes may view awards as an incentive to put their all into each game, meet, race, or practice. You can be a top performer regardless, but awards are definitely helpful.

  • They promote good attendance and strong participation.

Here again, awards are an incentive to act in the team’s best interest. Players may be more likely to have good attendance and participate during practice with the understanding that there’s a potential light—an award—at the end of the tunnel.

  • They touch on athletes’ humility, empathy, and understanding.

Whether athletes win an award or not, distributing medals and trophies can have positive effects on each player’s character. Awards help teach players to be humble, support one another, and accept victory or defeat in a gracious way.

An added bonus: To take these benefits to the next level, individual awards make for great home decorations that athletes can place in their rooms or in common areas. These trophies and medals will remind players of their achievements, as well as the teammates they shared them with.

Similarly, team-wide awards can be showcased in a school or in a community setting. We know you’re familiar with the term “team spirit”—and awards and trophies can amplify that sense of spirit to the extreme.

Why Hand Out Participation Trophies?

In a sports setting, you’ve likely seen countless trophies. First Place, Second Place, Most-Valuable Player (MVP), Most-Improved-Player (MIP)—the options are seemingly endless. There’s something for everyone.

And with participation trophies, there’s something for every single person involved in making your sports team the solid unit it should be. As a coach, parent, or athlete, surely you want everyone to reap the benefits of your hard work. While the coveted MVP and MIP trophies often indicate the hard work of a single moment, participation trophies reward athletes for a whole season’s sweat and labor.

It’s worth noting that not everyone is in favor of issuing awards to the whole team—some claim it diminishes the achievements of the most accomplished players—but others say the opposite is true.

We’re in that camp. In our view, we believe participation trophies allow coaches and players to recognize the unique contributions of each person. Maybe John never scored a winning goal, but his defense skills were second-to-none on the soccer field. Surely that’s worthy of a trophy, right?

We certainly think so. And we encourage you to consider issuing participation trophies at the end of your next sports season.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Advantage for your athletic team’s award, medal, and trophy needs. Our time-tested reputation has served clients across the U.S. for 25 years now, and to this day customer satisfaction remains our top priority. Plus, we’ll gladly accommodate quick turnaround times for a fair price.

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