Our Online Store Is the Answer to Your Apparel Needs

Autumn is right around the corner. Do you have plans to update your apparel or sell your products in a custom online store?

Fall sports teams certainly do.

While you’re soaking up the last rays of summer, teams, groups, clubs, and organizations from across the country are taking stock of where they’re at and outfitting themselves—and their loyal fans—accordingly.

With the changing seasons comes renewal. And what better way to honor this time than by investing in and selling apparel? Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing offers a simple-to-use online store platform and a seamless ordering process designed to make your and your customers’ lives easier.

How Does Our Online Store Work?

It may sound complicated, but we promise you it’s not. In fact, the whole point of our online store is to simplify the way you sell apparel. Say goodbye to paper order forms that can be just a little tricky to keep track of, and put an end to the hassle of individual payments.

But we’ll get to the benefits of our system. First, let’s talk about how our online store works:

  • Custom Design
    We care about your products as much as you do. To provide the service you deserve, we will assign a member of our sales team to your project. This will allow you to put your heads together and brainstorm the best possible solutions.

Think custom designs in a variety of colors and styles. You can also add individual names, numbers, and other personalized information to your apparel. Wild or traditional, we’ll embrace your ideas and get to work.

  • Simple Setup
    Once your designs are approved, we’ll prepare and launch your online store—at no extra cost to you! The setup process is completely painless, and our team will be by your side the entire time. Our aim is that you understand and appreciate every aspect of our system.

Advantage will even provide the store for you. We will provide you with a custom link for you to share with whomever you like.

  • Streamlined Ordering
    With the online store we set up for you, your customers can place orders online and pay for their apparel directly. This creates a more cohesive system, without complications like bulky order forms and crumpled cash payments.

Additional store features include order deadline notices, product categories, required items, personalization specifications, bulk ordering options, shipping options, and store manager access. You can view our sample store here for more insights into our system.

What Are the Benefits of Our Online Store?

With our system, there’s no need to sort your orders—we’ll take care of that for you. Customers trust Advantage to help them sell their apparel to members of the community.

Specifically, they cite the following benefits of our system:

  • Ideal Fundraising Solution
    You can leverage your store as a fundraising tool, by determining the exact fundraising amount you add to each product. The manager access feature makes tracking your sales extremely digestible.

We would love to help you earn money for your school, team, or organization. Meanwhile, you’ll be hooked on the thrill of raising money for your cause.

  • Easy Distribution
    Admittedly, we’ve been focusing on words like “simple” and “easy” in this post—and with good reason. Our customers love not having to sort out the clothing in each order, and so we’ve committed to packaging orders individually on our clients’ behalf.

This means no more sifting through an order in a state of organized chaos. No more dividing up apparel and hoping you’ve done it right. We’ll even ship each order for you! Our distribution methods are designed to put you at ease.

  • Time-Saving Process
    Are you thinking of outfitting your staff, school, group, club, or team? So much goes into designing apparel and creating an online store, and maybe you find the idea of collecting money and preparing orders daunting. Maybe you feel you don’t have the time to do it right.

Not with us by your side. Advantage has created an online store system that will save you an abundance of time. With every detail surrounding every order laid out for you, you’ll have more time than ever to focus on your strengths. And for this reason, among others, our store might very well be the answer to your apparel needs.

Click Here to check out our Online Store Flyer.

Looking for more information on our online store? Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to continue the discussion.