Meet Our Massive Machine

Tour the Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing facility, and find your way to the very back of our building.

There’s a surprise waiting for you there, tucked away in our Embroidery department.

You’ll know what we’re talking about—it isn’t exactly subtle.

That’s right. We’re referring to our Seit SL4 Laser Bridge. The 40-foot-long, Italian-made machine is nothing short of powerful. In fact, it’s completely changed the way we perform applique and etching.

(See our videos below of an applique design and etching)

A Refresher on Applique & Etching

The Seit Laser Bridge allows our designers to perform intricate custom embroidery. This means precision unlike ever before, with applique and etching directly on the garments.

What is applique? Imagine a sweatshirt with fabric seamlessly arranged on the front. The fabric is cut and sewn onto the garment during the applique process, with the aim of creating a unique design.

At Advantage, our customers request applique for their shirt, blanket, uniform, and other garment orders. Thanks to our Seit Laser Bridge, we can accommodate a wide range of cuts and shapes.

And now a brief overview of etching: By removing layers of fabric one by one, we create detailed 3D designs featuring custom textures and graphics. With the Seit Laser Bridge, the process is easy. It doesn’t add weight or thickness to the garments we etch, and our customers love the end result.

Benefits of the Seit Laser Bridge

Before we had the laser, it took a lot more work to complete our applique designs. Our Banner department would cut a piece of twill to the exact desired shape, and we would add a placement stitch using our embroidery machine. (The placement stitch was meant to mark the spot where we would lay the pieces down before sewing them.)

Needless to say, quite a few steps were involved in the process.

But now, with the addition of our high-tech machine, we’re much more efficient—without compromising on quality. Today we set down a piece of twill—typically a 12×10 piece on a hooped garment—and embroider it in place.

This is where the Seit Laser Bridge comes in. We use our laser to literally cut through the material, and then we tear away the scraps.

So, rather than going piece by piece, our team can complete the process in a single step. This makes the machine super-helpful when we have hundreds of high-quantity orders. Thanks to our Seit Laser Bridge, we’re a lot quicker (but offer the same attention to detail for our customers).

And the benefits of the laser don’t end there.

The machine offers many other lasering capabilities, and we can work with materials ranging from wood to hockey pucks, and so much more. Often, we etch designs into fleece, right where the laser burns into the garment.

When we purchased the apparatus in 2012, our Seit Laser Bridge was one of only 22 machines of its kind in the United States. It allows us to make a wide range of products and styles that we wouldn’t be able to without the technology.

There’s no denying that we strive for that same level of quality—which is exactly why we invested in the machine: to broaden our range and enhance the quality of our products. Our Seit Laser Bridge offers an ideal combination of embroidery heads and worktables, so our embroidery team can work safely and efficiently, with an even greater appreciation of design.

After more than five years with the machine, we can say without hesitation that our investment was worth it—for our Embroidery department, the entire Advantage team, and most importantly, our customers. We’re super-grateful for all of you!

To learn more about Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing, including the services we offer using our Seit Laser Bridge, please contact us or subscribe to our blog.