Direct Embroidery: Advantage Process from Beginning to End

Intricate corporate wear that’ll turn heads, guaranteed.

Sportswear bound to give your team an extra edge.

If you’re hoping to up the ante on your apparel, Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing offers a seamless direct embroidery process where thread is sewn directly into the garment.

In a nutshell, we offer full-service direct embroidery, and save customers time and money as a result. With 43 embroidery heads spanning eight machines, we can accommodate both large production runs and smaller orders with personalized names or numbers.

Here at Advantage Emblem we pay close attention to detail at every step, from creating the artwork and digitizing the design to stitching the order. We go the extra mile to make sure your embroidered materials are top-quality and in line with your vision.

So, read on for some more insight into our direct embroidery process. It’s a detail-oriented service, complete with double-checking and multiple sew-outs before we prepare the garments our customers will actually receive. We aim for transparency and strive to keep our customers in the loop from start to finish.

Step 1: Discussion & Design

To kick off the direct embroidery process, each customer is assigned a salesperson. After discussing the design with the client, the sales rep will forward the specs to one of our talented artists so they can create a vector mockup of the artwork.

Then, once the customer approves the artwork, the artist will digitize the design. This means they will convert the flat vector art into a file type the embroidery machine can understand and interpret.

Step 2: Sewing Setup

The digitized file is a key component of our direct embroidery process. It tells the machine where to start and stop, what color thread to use, and what locks and trims to include. In addition, it relays the angle the thread should be sewn at, as well as the sewing order and other details.

Of course, the embroiderer is still involved in the process at this point. Their job is to:

  • Swap out colors and rethread needles as needed.
  • Ensure each type of material gets the backing and topping it needs to be stable.
  • Hoop the garment.

When it comes to hooping garments, customers should note that we have different hoops based on the artwork or even the product itself. A cap, for instance, requires a completely different kind of hoop than a t-shirt. Our embroidery team will make sure all the details are covered, and that your garment is ready to be sewn with the correct materials.

Furthermore, once everything is set up, the embroiderer will send the digitized artwork to the machine and perform a sample sew-out to make sure everything turns out as expected. We’ll keep this sample sew-out in our file as well—it’s all in the name of transparency.

Step 3: Changes & Final Sew-Out

Typically, the sample sew-out is far from the end of our embroidery process. Sometimes changes need to be made, or the embroiderer will ask the artist to adjust the design based on how it sews.

But sometimes the sample sew-out looks good. If the salesperson approves it, the embroiderer will sew out the artwork on the actual garment, and run up to eight garments at a time on the machine to prepare the order. Multiple machines may be used simultaneously for very large orders.

It sounds fairly simple, but stuff happens. Needles break, threads come loose, and if these things take place a red light will appear and the machine will stop.

This is where our talented embroiderers come in—they have all the knowledge and tools to fix the problem, hit the start button again, and continue embroidering. They won’t end a job until the final sew-out is completed with no issues to speak of!

What Can We Embroider?

Here’s the deal: If you can wear it, we can embroider it! At Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing, we embroider everything from knit hats and ball caps, to bags and backpacks, t-shirts and sweatshirts, blankets and towels, and so much more.

Additionally, if you’re familiar with the sweatshirts that feature a piece of fabric or twill sewn down—you’ve probably seen them in sports teams or with other organizations and clubs—we can accommodate those orders as well, and use our laser bridge machine to cut the fabric into a specific shape.

Our laser bridge machine is a post for another time, so please stay tuned. The point we want to drive home right now is that when it comes to embroidery, we’ll do anything for our customers—and we’ll make a point of doing it well. Please contact us to learn more about our direct embroidery process.